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Nabila Brier Award An award made to an outstanding woman adult educator in memory of Nabila Brier. The award was first made in October 1987. Nabila Brier Fund Administered by the International Council for Adult Education. The fund was established to assist in forging links between women educators in Arab countries and the remainder of the world. Nadezhda K Krupskaya Prize Literacy prize established in the USSR in 1970, and administered by UNESCO. narrowcast A form of transmission of information to specifically targeted audiences through media. National Adult Education Clearinghouse This clearinghouse disseminates information about a wide range of adult education in the United States. National Adult Education Foundation Established by the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education in order to provide support funding for projects in the field of continuing education. National Adult Literacy Agency Originally a sub-committee of AONTAS but in 1980 it became an independent national agency in the Republic of Ireland. National Adult Literacy Project As a result of the Secretary’s Initiative on Adult Literacy this 14-month project was launched in late 1983 in the USA.