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Project 2000 The introduction of new approaches to the preparation of nurses and midwives in the United Kingdom, determined in the light of the projected health care requirements at the end of the 1990s. projective test A variety of devices used in personality assessment and clinical psychology in which the subject is presented with standardized unstructured stimuli and expected to respond to them in an unrestricted manner. propaganda Organized dissemination of information selected to support or oppose the programme of a movement, a political party, etc. In the United States, it is associated with the attempt to indoctrinate the people. proposal Something planned. Students are required to submit their dissertation proposal, authors write a book proposal for the publishers, etc. It is also called a prospectus. proprietary school A private school. Prospect Union Educational Exchange The first educational brokering agency, established in Boston, USA, in 1923. Prospects An educational journal published by UNESCO. prospectus 1. A publication by an educational institution containing the list of courses that it is offering over a specified period. See also brochure, catalogue. 2. See also proposal. protocol 1. A code of behaviour. 2. A proposal or procedural statement See interview schedule. Pro-Vice Chancellor Senior administrative office, usually filled by academics, of a UK university. provider An organization, or individual, that organizes and runs educational programmes for adults. proxemics The study of people’s use of space. psychoanalysis A therapy using techniques and theories pioneered by Sigmund Freud. psychodrama A form of group therapy in which patients or clients act out, before an audience, situations from their past lives. Sometimes used as a teaching technique. See socio-drama. psycholinguistics The psychological study of language. psychometrics Measurement and testing in psychology. psychomotor skills Manual dexterity as opposed to any form of cognitive process. See cognitive skills.