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State Board of Regents The management committee of a state university in the United States. See regent. state centre for political education In Germany, federal states have their own adult education centres for political education. state college Public college in USA, offering a four-year degree programme. See state university. state education agency US term to refer to an organization responsible in law for any specific educational function. state plan The written plan that each US State has to submit to the Federal government in order to get appropriate funding. state university A public four-year degree awarding university in America. status The well-defined prestige ascribed to a person or position within a social grouping. status deprivation The loss of desired prestige. status discrepancy The difference between degrees of status that individuals experience in different groups. status group 1. A group of people, classified together and sharing the same status. 2. A group of people who share the same status in a society. status need The psychological need to achieve high status, ie ambition. status symbol Symbols demonstrating, or suggesting, that individuals occupy high status positions in society. statutory school leaving age The legal age in any country before which a child may not leave school. Hence, adult education might be referred to as postcompulsory education. stereotype A set of relatively fixed, often simplistic generalizations about a category of persons. stigma A mark or blemish, typically culturally or economically defined, that causes some people to be treated as different by others. stimulation Any event that causes a receptor to become active. stimulus Any event that causes an organism to respond. stimulus-response (S-R) Behaviourist approach to learning in which the response to the initial stimulus is regarded as the indicator that learning has occurred. storefront schools Originated in USA. They are attempts to take education to the people through using shops on the thoroughfare as schools in order to try to attract more people to education-this is usually an adult basic education enterprise. See also street academy. strategy The art and science of planning. street academy See storefront school. stress A state of psychological tension that often results in breakdown or burnout. structural unemployment A form of unemployment caused by major changes in the structures of society, eg the decline of manufacturing occupations in the West.