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Toynbee Hall The first university settlement in London. track record A record of past achievement. trade test An occupational examination. trades union studies The study of the movement and activities of trades unions. In the USA, the term used is Labor union. Trades Union Training Authority (TUTA) Established in Australia, and funded by the State, as a result of the Trades Union Training Authority Act, in order to provide training for members in relation to the powers and functions of the movement. Trades Union Training Authority Act Passed in 1975, in order to establish a national body, the Trades Union Training Authority and an Australian trade union college. Trades Union Congress Education Department Established in 1964 in the UK, to offer a programme of training for Trades Union members and officials. It also has its own Educational Centre and runs an Open School. Trades Union Congress Educational Trust An educational trust, which offers financial support to trades union members wishing to pursue a course of study. traditionalist One whose attitudes, ideas and behaviour are grounded in an earlier culture. train To instruct, teach. train and visit system (T&V) A system widely used in agricultural extension, it involves continuous training and frequent visits by staff. See co-operative extension. trainability The ability to be trained or prepared for an occupation or profession. trainee One who is being trained. trainer 1. One who trains learners, especially in an industrial context. 2. One who coaches sports people. 3. One who trains educators or trainers. See training the trainers. training 1. A planned and systematic sequence of instruction under supervision, designed to impart skills, knowledge, information and attitudes. Frequently contrasted to education and used with reference to vocational education. Usually refers to shaping the learners’ behaviour and habits. 2. A planned and systematic effort to modify or develop knowledge, skill or attitude through learning experiences. 3. Sometimes it refers to teaching techniques, such as demonstration. Training and Enterprise Council (TEC) Local councils are independent companies, established by government in the UK, to initiate training, education and enterprise opportunities for adults. training bay An area set aside within a organization for training purposes. training centre A department of a commercial or industrial organization devoted to human resource development within the company. training college A college devoted to preparing individuals for an occupation. In the UK, it was the term frequently used for institutions in which school-teachers were trained.