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Unemployed Workers’ Association Established by the Workers’ Educational Association in Toronto, Canada, at the time of the 1931 Depression. unemployed workers’ centre A centre established to assist the unemployed, often running adult education courses for them. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) Founded in 1946 to further all its objectives throughout the world. It is based in Paris. UNESCO Adult Education Information Notes Published quarterly in a variety of languages. UNESCO Institute for Education Established in Hamburg in 1951 for the study of education. It has been responsible for many projects in adult and lifelong education. It publishes its own newsletter and also the International Review of Education. Union for Rural Education Established in Finland in 1952 to co-ordinate the educational work of rural organizations; it organizes its own study centre, study circles and courses and lectures. unit 1. A module in a curriculum. 2. A branch or division of a larger organization. Unit for the Development of Adult Continuing Education (UDACE) Established by UK government, following the closure of the Advisory Council for Adult and Continuing Education, under the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education. It was to be funded for three years, but eventually it received funding for six years. United Nations Declaration of Human Rights Accepted, in part, by all member nations. It includes the right of everybody to work and education. United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women Established to stimulate and assist women to participate more fully in developmental activities at all levels through research, training and the sharing of information. United Nations University Established in Japan. United States Agency for International Development (USAID) United States agency for educational and technological development in the Third World, since its establishment in 1961. See also Point Four Program. United States Armed Forces Institute Established in 1942 in Madison, Wisconsin to provide a variety of services to civilian and military personnel, including distance education. United States College Examination Board The board responsible for overseeing the nation-wide college level examination programme. universalism 1. An approach that assumes ethical standards are universal. 2. The belief that education should be available to everybody. Universities Association for Continuing Education (UACE) Title adopted by UCACE in 1993 when higher education in the UK was re-organized with the creation of the new universities from the polytechnics.