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Why Stop Learning? The first book in the United States, published in 1927, to try to popularize adult education. Written by Dorothy Canfield Fisher and sponsored by the Carnegie Corporation. Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW) The provision of adult training courses for women, a UK government initiative. Wider Opportunities Training Scheme (WOTS) A programme of training for the unemployed in the United Kingdom through working in community development programmes. Window, The The magazine of the Workers’ Educational Association of Sweden. Wireless Discussion Group The adult school movement in Britain arranged a number of discussion groups to follow early BBC broadcasts; the movement lasted from 1929 to 1946. wisdom 1. The ability to use knowledge, experience, and understanding to act in a wise and common sense manner. 2. Accumulated knowledge over the years, eg the wisdom of the elderly. 3. Wise sayings or teachings. This concept clearly relates to knowledge and belief. Women and Development Unit (WAND) Established in the Caribbean in 1978 to act as a clearinghouse for the work of women in the region. woman returner Women who return to education after having reared a family. woman school Opened in New York in 1975 to provide more educational opportunities for women. Women Returners’ Network A network of tutors and organizers involved with working with women returners. Women’s Institute (WI) Founded in 1897 in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, the WI rapidly became one of the largest providers of adult education for women —its concern is wider than education since it focuses on home legislation, economics, health, agriculture, amongst other things. It was established in the United Kingdom in 1915. Women’s Museum Established in 1984 in Germany, this museum sets out to document the place women have played, and are currently playing, in society. Women’s Network A Brazilian non-formal education network for women. women’s studies The academic study of the place women occupy in society. women’s vocational school These were established in several towns in the Netherlands as a result of an initiative by the Women’s Union of the Federation of Dutch Trades Unions. The schools offer a wide variety of vocational courses for women. Woodbrooke College Established in Birmingham by the Quaker movement in 1903 as an adult education residential college. Woodbrookers Term used in the Netherlands to refer to the adult education residential colleges patterned on the Quaker schools in the United Kingdom. See Woodbrooke College. word recognition The ability to recognize words and to read them.