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British Institute of Adult Education Established in 1921 by Mansbridge and Haldame. In 1949 it became a constituent member of the National Institute of Adult Education. brochure A publication containing the list of courses being offered by an educational institution over a specified period. See also catalogue, prospectus. brokering Educational brokering is a system of putting potential teachers in contact with potential learners, and vice versa. It has been done through the use of newspaper advertisements etc. There is a sense in which some voluntary organizations which claim that ‘anyone can teach, any one can learn’ (such as the University of the Third Age) is an educational brokering service on a membership basis. buddy system A slang term for apprenticeship. See also mentor, Sitting by Nellie. bureaucracy The system of organization and administration associated with most large organizations, including educational institutions. burnout A cluster of exhaustion reactions that occur in people who are working under great stress. It appears to be occurring among teachers and educators. bursary A financial scholarship or a grant made to a student. business education Studies in commercial and management subjects. business game A game designed to simulate actual business conditions, often used in business education. business studies Studies in commercial and management subjects. buy-in The process of employing personnel on a part-time basis when there is insufficient time or expertise among the full-time staff for the work to be conducted to a satisfactory standard. buzz group A teaching and learning technique in which members of a class or seminar briefly break off in small groups to discuss a point that has been raised during the session.