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Educational Exchange of Greater Boston The first known educational brokering agency, established in 1923 in Boston, USA. Educational Film Library Association American society of associations involved in film and other visual aids in an educational context. It was one of the five associations involved in creating the Joint Committee for the Study of Adult Education Policies, Principles and Practices in 1946. educational games Methods employed to facilitate learning. See also gaming. educational gerontology The study of education for older adults. See also gerontology, gerontology education. Educational Gerontology The name of an academic journal published in the United States on the study of the education of older adults. educational guidance A service of advice and counselling about educational and learning matters provided to adults. However, such advice is not always provided within a formal service, HRD specialists, teachers of adults, etc might all provide educational guidance to staff and students at different times. educational guidance service for adults A variety of services are provided throughout the United Kingdom offering educational advice and guidance to adults, some through paid workers and others through volunteers. See National Association of Educational Guidance Services for Adults. educational ideology The term ‘ideology’ has so many different connotations that it is difficult to define the concept precisely. However, it broadly refers to a system of beliefs that gives a general direction to the educational policies and practices of educators and those who make policy for education. It works at a presumptive rather than articulative level. educational institution A place where education takes place. See adult education institution. educational laboratory A research laboratory in which empirical research into education can occur, such as a research classroom which has one-way mirrors so that classes can be observed without the researchers interfering with the actual dynamics of the teaching and learning process. educational management The theory and practice of managing the educational services. This area of educational practice is becoming increasingly significant in contemporary society and more preparation for educational managers is being offered. educational need 1. Term frequently used synonymously with learning need, but more correctly it refers to either the necessity for additional education or to a deficiency which can be rectified by education. 2. The term is also used in connection with overall national educational requirements. See also need. educational objective The short-term desired learning outcomes of the teaching and learning process. See objective, behavioural objective, expressive objectives. educational planning 1. A management exercise during which plans are drawn up for future educational provision. 2. Planning for a course or teaching session. See also curriculum planning, program planning.