Meyer, Professor Dr Thomas Bonn, 24 June 1999
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Frequently described as the ‘chief ideologist of the SPD’, Professor Meyer is an academic that works for the ‘SPD think tank’ Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and as a Professor in Politics at the University of Dortmund. He has been an active member in various SPD programme development commissions since the early 1980s, and played a substantial part in the development of the ‘Berlin Programm’ as a leading member of the programme commission. He has published widely, most recently Die Transformation der Sozialdemokratie – Eine Partei auf dem Weg ins 21. Jahrhundert (1998), Politik als Theater (1998), Parteien in der Defensive (1994), Was bleibt vom Sozialismus (1991) and Demokratischer Sozialismus (1982); and he is a member of the ‘Forum Scholars for European Social Democracy’.