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§29 Complete and defective intuitions. Adequate and objectively complete intuitive illustrations. Essentia (Essenz)

In an intuitive presentation a varying amount of intuitive fulness is possible. This talk of a varying amount points, as we argued, to possible gradients of fulfilment: proceeding along these, we come to know the object better and better, by way of a presentative content that resembles it ever more and more closely, and grasps it more and more vividly and fully. We know also that intuition can occur where whole sides and parts of the object meant are not apparent at all, i.e. the presentation has an intuitive content not containing pictorial representatives of these sides and parts, so that they are only presented ‘inauthentically’, through inwrought signitive intentions. In connection with these differences, which result in very different modes of presentation for one and the same object, with meaning governed by the same matter, we spoke above of differences in the extent of fulness. Here two important possibilities must be distinguished.