chapter  1
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A tale of two schools

The market is awash with management guides and manuals for the enlightenment of hard-pressed school principals and leaders. This chapter describes the two schools that are in many ways at opposite ends of the organizational spectrum in terms of their internal cultures and structures. They are in many respects as different as it is possible to get, and yet in both the problems and dynamics of change were remarkably similar. The first of the two institutions is Edwardes College, a prestigious institution in North West Pakistan for boys aged from eleven to twenty-one. The second is the University of Toronto Schools (UTS), a multicultural, co-educational school for academically able students aged from eleven to eighteen attached to the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. UTS is mandated to model an original and powerful practitioner-based innovative Research and Development capability. It has a mission as a centre for teaching practice for pre-service trainee teachers.