chapter  4
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Dialogue 1 ~ Avtar Mahal and Prem Sharma were born and brought up in the same village in the Panjab and went to the same school in their village. After school, Avtar went to Canada and set up a business in Toronto. He also presents Asian programmes on a Canadian TV channel. Prem stayed on in India, learnt music and became a composer with Doordrashan, the Indian television company. During Prem 's concert tour of Canada, the two friends met after thirty years. Avtar, after presenting Prem 's concert on the TV, is now interviewing him. The interview is conducted in the usual manner, and neither of them gives any hint of their old friendship AVTAR:

occha: Sharma ji:, so:nii: 1fi dosso ki tufio:<te ki: ki: f:>k ne? sangi:t to ilo:vo:. Mahal so:fiob, sangi:t mera: f:>k nOfii:, komm fie, ka:roba:r fie. vese, mere koi: J:>k fien. menu: porHan do: J~k fie, kovito: te gi:t likhOit do: J:>k fie, kho:Ita: pako:ui\. do: f:>k fie. khOli\.Ol pako:UI\. do:?