chapter  2
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Dialogue 1 ~ Ramesh Varma, a young accountant, is at a party given by his client and friend Ranjit Singh Bains. He sees a scholarly-looking man standing alone in a comer with a cup of tea and asks Bains who the man is. On learning that his name is Dr Joginder Singh, Varma approaches him

milke bari: xuJu fioi:. tufia:<l_a: pu:ra: nn: ki: fie? Ramesh Varma. tusi: ki: kamm karde fio? m£ accountant fin:. tusi: GP fio jn: consultant? ji: n6fii:, m£ medical <t_a:ktar n6fii:. m£ PhD fin:. Excuse me. You are Dr Joginder Singh, aren't you? Yes. My name is Joginder Singh. My name is Ramesh. Pleased to meet you. What's your full name? Ramesh Varma. What do you do? (Lit.: What work are you doing?) I'm an accountant. Are you a GP or a consultant? No. I'm not a medical doctor. I have a PhD. (Lit.: I'm a PhD.)

Vocabulary mo:fkorno: do:ktor no: (m) milke boti: xuj\: fioi: pu:ro: komm (m) korde

Excuse me! doctor name

Pleased to meet you full work doing

Panjabi, like English and most other languages, has 'formulaic expressions' or 'formulas' which are spoken in certain situations. You learn a formula as an unbroken and unanalysed whole. 'Excuse me' and 'Pleased to meet you' and their Panjabi equivalents are formulas. We shall come across many such formulas in this book. Just memorise them and use them on appropriate occasions without worrying too much about their internal grammatical structure or meanings of individual words. We shall analyse and explain them later on.