chapter  1
Pages 27

Although it is customary to define what one is writing about, in the case of ‘postmodernism’ this is neither entirely possible nor entirely desirable. As Foster in the quote above makes clear there are many questions arising from and about postmodernism, postmodernity and the postmodern but no one simple answer or definition. The attempt to provide a definitive conceptualisation continues to spawn an extensive literature (e.g. Bauman 1992, Best and Kellner 1991, Boyne and Rattansi 1990, Connor 1989, Crook et al. 1992, Featherstone 1991, Foster 1985, Harvey 1991, Lash 1990, Lyotard 1984, Rosenau 1992, Seidman and Wagner 1992, Smart 1992, Wakefield 1990). This is a literature encompassing many areas and covering a variety of academic disciplines and cultural practices; for example, literature, music, art, architecture, the media, advertising, photography and cinema. Given the widespread impact of the postmodern this is appropriate enough, but it is of limited help if the task is seen as one of arriving at a clear definition.