chapter  12
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In modern Swedish Q and W are only encountered in proper names (Ewa Granquist, Qatar, Wales) and a few loanwords (quisling, know-how) .

The letter W (dubbelt v) is regarded as a variant of the letter V (or enkelt v ). The word we, for instance, is pro nounced as if written vc and web addresses (www) are pronounced as if spelt v-v-v . The letter W is frequently omitted when listing the letters of the alphabet, and is usually integrated with V in entries in dictionaries, phone

A SYMBOLS AND SOUNDS 1201 Letters of the alphabet, pronunciation 1202 Clarification of letters and the alphabet and numerals 1203 Diacritics

B SPELLING 1204 Miscellaneous spelling rules 1205 M and N spelling rules

C SMALL AND CAPITAL LETTERS 1206 Small or capital letters? 1207 The use of capital letters in simple proper nouns: Är Sven svensk? 1208 The use of capital letters in proper nouns comprising two or or more words: Förenta staterna 1209 The use of capital letters in compound proper nouns: Sydamerika 1210 The use of capital letters in abbreviations

D MISCELLANEOUS 1211 Hyphenation 1212 Figures or words? 1213 One word or two?