chapter  2
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Most of us don’t know exactly what we have got in our housesnor, for that matter, in our minds. When we spring-clean, we always find things which surprise us. Around the house, this notoriously happens with those neatly labelled kitchen jars which were designed in the first place to prevent it. There is rice in the coffee-jar, sugar in the rice one, while the sugar-jar, as we are appalled to find, contains nothing but three dead beetles. What is rather less well known, though more important, is that the same thing happens with our thoughts. The label on the concept may still be right, but something different has got inside. For instance, some very odd things have from time to time been found inside those two impressive tall blue jars marked Law and Order, and also in the curvaceous red one called Art. Just now, however, I am not concerned with either of these problems. I want to take a look inside that elegant green jar at the end of the top shelf, marked Freedom.