chapter  15
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‘Surveillant Gays’: HIV, Space and the Constitution of Identities

This chapter is primarily about spatiality and the multi-faceted, complex and complicit notions of power and resistance. It is not just an attempt to consider political and cultural sites of resistance that have been found, and analysed, in the light of HIV and AIDS. Neither is it intended solely to consider the imagined and material geographies of resistance and power. This chapter itself is an attempt to constitute a site of resistance. It attempts to resist through, and within, the site of text. These attempts to resist are manifold and have several focuses. Primarily, this resistance hopes to challenge the seldom questioned ‘radical’ analyses of gay male resistances. Simultaneously, it attempts to resist prevailing vocabularies of cultural geography and to valorise reflexivity as a serious political and ethical praxis. A further point of resistance is found in the attempt to disrupt the cultural assumptions often made in the name of expediency during the enactment of health promotion practices relating to HIV.