chapter  8
Science, ICT and drama
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One area of science that lends itself to a dramatic approach is the body’s immune system. How, within the National Curriculum for England’s (1999) section on Life Processes and Living Things, can this system best be taught in a practical way? Not easily, which is probably why it seems that it is not required in any detail. However, it is very important. If not taught in science, then it should be a part of the general health education of children. To explain the immune system by using drama is particularly interesting for young children. It takes little imagination to think of bacteria as an invading army. The defenders are of course the white cells within the blood system. If this is presented as a play, then children can be dressed up in suitable costumes. The bacteria can be dressed as monsters, whilst the white cells depending on their role would be soldiers, doctors and nurses. Vaccines produce antibodies, and these too can be portrayed in an appropriate way. There would be little need for dialogue, but there should be a narrator to explain what was going on.