chapter  1
Planning, organising and managing ICT for the teaching of science
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The first and most crucial point to make about the use of ICT in the teaching of science is that it cannot and will not replace the teacher. Computers have many assets, all of which can be used to assist and enhance the teaching of science. However, computers are only boxes of electronics-they cannot, as yet, think for themselves, get to know each one of their pupils on a personal level, engage in conversation about their interests, plan, prepare and assess their work on an individual basis or interact with their parents at open evenings. The important fact to remember is that good teaching and learning can only occur when a good teacher is present-and that a good teacher is not a computer. The key to successful teaching and learning with ICT lies in how the technology is used and employed, not in the teaching of the technology itself. It is this that makes the teacher’s role so crucial. In the introduction we detailed why ICT should be used in the teaching of primary science. This chapter will detail how in terms of the practicalities that are involved in planning, assessing, organising and managing teaching and learning where ICT is involved.