chapter  7
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Throughout this book, we hope we have given a flavour of how exciting it is to work with the children and observe their development in learning through talk.At first glance, some of the skills developed through the workshops might seem very straightforward but none was easy to achieve for the children, many of whom found this style of learning completely new. On watching some of the video examples on the website, it is noticeable that many groups started the programme convinced that they ‘knew how to do it already’ but can be seen almost coming to blows during relatively simple talk tasks. However, by the end of the programme, these same children were able to engage in detailed and sustained learning dialogues and were immensely proud of themselves as learners.Their meta-cognitive ability had rocketed and they knew it. As teachers, it was impossible not to share their pride and satisfaction. Whole class dialogues stopped being a ping-pong game of teacher/ child utterances. Genuine questions were asked where all learners, teachers and TAs included, had a real interest in the answers. Learning improved dramatically and teaching became much more enjoyable as a result.