Schifano, Mario
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Painter, photographer and collagist From a period of minimalism in the early 1960s, Schifano moved into a pop style which drew on street signs, advertising billboards and the mass media. Recognizing that film and television have greater reach than fine art, Schifano produced paintings that resembled a television screen, covering some of them with coloured plexiglass, as well as venturing into experimental cinema. By the 1980s he was producing landscapes, but still in a schematic, pop vein. Throughout his career, which encompassed a multitude of styles and media, Schifano often alluded to the history of art without mimicking it, as in A de Chirico (To de Chirico) of (see de Chirico). His works are very representa-1962, a minimalist tribute to the master of imagery tive of their times.