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Cederna, Camilla

Writer and editor Cederna, whose writings span the mid-1940s to the 1990s, began her career as a journalist. She was among the founders of the weekly L’Europeo, and later contributed regularly to other news and cultural magazines such as L’Espresso and Panorama. In her many books she depicted all the major aspects and personalities of Italian society, from the Milanese upper classes in Noi siamo le signore (We are The Ladies) (1958) to Fellini in La voce dei padroni (The Voice of the Bosses) (1962). In subsequent publications such as Pinelli: Una finestra sulla strage (Pinelli: A Window on the Carnage) (1971) and Sparare a vista. Come la polizia del regime DC mantiene l’ordine pubblico (Shooting on Sight: How the Police of the Christian Democratic Government Maintains Public Order) (1975), she publicly accused the government of political oppression and of backing police violence. With her ironic and spirited writing style, Cederna captured the changing trends, the tragedies and the comedies of Italian society over a period of five decades.