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Del Giudice, Daniele

Writer Part of the ‘new generation’ of Italian novelists and regarded by many critics as the heir to Italo Calvino, Del Giudice’s prose is characterized by measure, control and meticulous description, using very precise and often scientific language. Several of his novels and short stories confirm a fascination with flying and aircraft. His first novel, Lo stadio di Wimbledon (Wimbledon Stadium) (1983), recounts a young writer’s attempt to piece together the life of a mysterious literary figure long dead whilst his second, Atlante occidentale (translated as Lines of Light, 1985) deals with the opposition between science and literature. Nel museo di Reims (In the Reims Museum) (1988), a text accompanied by the paintings of Nereo Rotelli, examines themes of vision whereby its central character, who is losing his sight, has a young woman describe to him the paintings in a museum he visits. Staccando l’ombra da terra (Takeoff) (1994) contains a series of pieces on the theme of flying and Mania (1997) continues this format of thematically connected stories with six pieces on the themes of violence and war.