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Dolce and Gabbana

After working for Marzotto for several years, Sicilian Domenico Dolce and Milan-born Stefano Gabbana joined forces in 1982 to open their own design studio. In 1985 they presented their collections in a ‘new talents’ category in Milan, and their name became associated with a new era of Italian design. Using lace, wool and silk, Dolce and Gabbana appeared to want to dress ‘real’ women, not just supermodels, and this contributed to their international success. They expanded into knitwear design in 1987, into lingerie and summerwear in 1989 and to a men’s wear collection in 1990. Other lines include the Dolce and Gabbana Basic and a youthful line. In 1988 they began distributing their designs in Japan, and later opened a number of boutiques in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and Seoul. Dolce and Gabbana also won an international award for best female fragrance in 1993.