Fiorucci, Elio
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Fashion designer The son of the owner of an elegant shoe shop in Milan, Elio Fiorucci made a bold statement in 1962 by taking three pairs of bright plastic galoshes to a Milan fashion magazine to be photographed. The famous photo speaks for the alternative youthful look that Fiorucci has represented from then on. Mass and contemporary trends from rock music to political issues have been reflected and parodied in the Fiorucci look, which flaunts colourful parachute cloth jumpsuits, plastic and metal lunchbox ‘purses’, fishnet stockings, fake animal fabrics, spandex and military clothing. Above all it has been jeans which have defined the Fiorucci look, preferably in colours that are not blue but fuschia, jade or the colour of those galoshes which first made Fiorucci a fashion industry name. Today Fiorucci stores can be found worldwide and continue to provide an alternative to the more conservative trends in Italian fashion.