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Grand Hotel

Probably the best-known fotoromanzo magazine, Grand Hotel was the first to launch the love story in comic book form. The first issue appeared on 26 July 1946, published by Editoriale Universo. Its cover was melodramatic: an elegantly dressed couple smiling in the foreground, while the background featured the lobby of the ‘Grand Hotel’ and a movie theatre, crowded with more elegant people waiting to see Anime incatenate (Chained Souls), a film produced by a fictional film studio, the Edituniverso. The sixteenpage magazine introduced the first episode of the love story, Anime incatenate, and the last page was dedicated to letters from readers and an illustrated news item under the title ‘It Happened’. The aim of Grand Hotel was to entertain and educate a young female readership who did not even have the right to vote. It was instantly successful and continues to be so, having survived the market’s ups and downs by adapting to changes in fashion and behavioural norms while adhering to its original format.