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La Capria, Raffaele

Novelist and screenwriter After graduating in law, La Capria turned to journalism and screenwriting. His first novel, Un giorno d’impazienza (A Day of Impatience) (1952), was followed at ten-year intervals by Ferito a morte (The Mortal Wound) (1961), which won the Strega Prize, and Amore e Psiche (Eros and Psyche) (1973). The novels chart the angst of the same protagonist, at different times of life and in different situations, but always in a Neapolitan setting. Of socio-historical interest are several volumes of his collected essays, while his L’armonia perduta (Lost Harmony) (1986) traces the transformation of Naples from a community at one with nature to a city in continual crisis. His 1996 essay La mosca nella bottiglia (The Fly in the Bottle) attacks the cult of modernity and the sectorialization of knowledge.