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The Weddynge of Sir Gawen and Dame Ragnell

That he wolde it not were asayed, Merlyne levynge. Thanne uppon the even of Pentecost There was the semblance, as nedes most. appearance, necessary Thanne axede the kyng of hem anon Ho that place asayen scolde don. who, do Thanne he that the place assaien wolde, attempt

4550 Seide there to the kyng with wordis bolde: 'Sire, I have begonnen this ilke thing, same And non but I ne schal have the asayeng.' Thanne cam he to the table anon There the fyfty knyhtes seten echon. 'I am comen forto sitten here Forto beren yow compenye al in fere.' bear, together And they to hym seiden never a word, But humblely stille seten at that bord, table And behelden what that he wolde do,

4560 And so dyde the kyng and manyon moo many more Thanne thussone he hym sette adown Amonges al that peple there in virown. And as sone as he was set in that sted, He sank a-down lik a plom of led. Ne non man wyste how it cam to, Nether why he suffrede that deth ful wo, Ne where his body becomen was, There wiste no man in that plas.