chapter  5
0 Outer Garden
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The outer garden is located in the remaining area of the tea-garden south of the inner garden (see fig. 22). A small portion of the garden extends along the western edge of the inner garden to the soto-roji-mon (external-entrance-gate) located in the north-western corner of the site. The outer garden is flanked on its eastern side by the western elevation of the Kōtō-in temple and shoin reception room areas, and along its western side by an earthen wall. Along the southern boundary the garden is exposed to an open moss garden that extends along the southern edge of the site. A hakaba (graveyard) where Hosokawa Sansai, Hosokawa Gracia and other members of the Hosokawa family are buried is located adjacent to the tea-garden in an enclosed area behind the western wall. Access to the graveyard is provided via a gateway located in the south-western corner of the garden.