chapter  7
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African American perspectives on the ideological base underlying psychology

The ethnocentrism of mainstream psychology is even apparent in the publications regarding the appraisal of the discipline. The critical view from within the African American community has not found its way into the journals of the APA to an extent that is in keeping with the challenging nature of the comments. By failing to give voice to the full range of reservations expressed about psychology, the journal editors effectively protect the status quo, even though their publication of the critique by mainstream psychologists seems to indicate differently. Hall (1997) actually draws attention to ‘insensitive and discriminatory behaviors’ (p. 644) by some of those on the predominantly white body of male editors. Conceivably, editorial policy assumes that the minority viewpoint of the African American perspective does not warrant the same amount of journal space as majority viewpoints. ‘The chauvinism of Western psychology is a deterrent to changing the profession. The need for change has not been a priority because the status quo fulfils the majority’s needs’ (Hall, 1997).