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The semiotics of movement, especially human movement and gesture. Movement, both of the body and by locomotion, is not merely functional but is also coded, meaningful and communicative. What is conveyed when you wave your arms about may differ considerably from the ‘same’ message uttered with arms folded. Walking is highly communicative, bringing posture, speed, direction, etc. to bear on meaning. It is further semioticised via such ‘media’ as the fashion catwalk. Dance is the aestheticisation of kinesic codes, and some versions of modern dance can be regarded as a mode of analysis thereof. Kinesics was introduced into psychological approaches to non-verbal and interpersonal communication by Birdwhistle (1970).

The foundation of the new economy. Knowledge, overlapping with information, culture and creativity, provides the know-how, ideas, intellectual property and creative works that have begun to supplant in significance the manufacturing or industrial economy across the developed world.