chapter  7
Making sense of sensemaking: suggestions for sensible modifications of the sensemaking model
Pages 22

The intention of this concluding chapter is to make sense of the sensemaking model in the analysis of the Nova Scotia Power case. In doing so, I will discuss how, taking into account my late arrival to sensemaking, I retrospectively discovered limitations of the sensemaking model as an analytic tool. I will suggest that the possibility exists for a modification of Weick’s sensemaking model to include the rules perspective of change (Mills and Murgtroyd 1991) and activity theory (Blackler, 1992a; Engestrom, 1987; Unger, 1987a). This offers a means of enriching and complementing sensemaking, and answers some of the questions that the sensemaking approach fails to take into account. In conclusion, the validity and usefulness of these modifications for future research will be discussed, as well as the limitations of this particular application of sensemaking to this case.