chapter  2
Identifying cues: a history of Nova Scotia Power
Pages 25

This chapter presents an overview of the case, laying out the central cues (Weick, 1995) that influenced my reading of it. The story presented is not a conventional history but rather a narrative shaped by a particular perspective (Jenkins, 1994). In telling the story I have tried to reflect those issues that were experienced by some of the key players and influenced the decisions that they made. To that extent, this chapter is a narrative about the cues that were used to make sense of key situations of change (such as the introduction of a Culture Change programme). Some of the cues were brought to my attention by various managers and employees of Nova Scotia Power, and some by the writers of company documents, annual reports, newspaper reports or histories. Ultimately, the selection of cues is my own, as my sensemaking led me to focus on some features in the situation to the neglect of others.