chapter  13
Constitutional and political change with PETE SHIRLOW
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As a multinational state with a convoluted constitutional history, constitutional issues are a recurrent topic in political and wider debates in the UK. Nationalism within the UK has resulted in violence, most notably in Northern Ireland. However, organisations in Scotland (Scottish Liberation Army) and Wales (Free Wales Army [Meibion Glyndwr]) have engaged in acts of violence, if not full-scale terrorism. To some extent, the aspirations of nationalists and others disillusioned by the centralist UK state have been assuaged by recent devolution packages for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This, however, has raised the spectre of English nationalism (see Chapter 11) and the prospect of devolution for English regions, as part of the programme of devolved government, instituted by the Labour government, was an assembly for Greater London, headed by an elected mayor. Similar policies have been promised to other big cities.