chapter  9
Vision and revision
The case for IKM In the public sector
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Establishing a credible and persuasive case for the adoption of IKM-based methodologies in the public sector represents a major challenge for those charged with leading forward reform and change into the twenty-first century. From the outset, it has been argued that to couch strategies for the adoption of an IKM focus in anything other than the language of improvement and value-adding activity is to invite the almost inevitable certainty of it being treated as a marginal and largely peripheral activity. However, as we have discussed in the preceding chapters, issues around the management of information and knowledge are absolutely central to the way in which public sector organisations operate, and they also hold the key for the achievement of many of the reform agendas currently discussed in major global economies. In this, our concluding section, it is important to consider the strategies that will see IKM practice becoming embedded in public sector practice. The very real barriers and difficulties that such an approach will face require not only vision on the part of those charged with leading efforts in this area, but also confidence and ability, linked with a clear mandate and the authority to effect revisions.