chapter  7
Tension and paradox: issues of information security, ownership, access, liability and openness
Issues of information security, ownership, access, liability and
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The preceding chapters have been intended to provide both general and, where possible, specific guidance on the development of IKM-focused models of public sector operation. We must now move to a critical area of consideration where to seek to make generalisations is both inherently difficult and, in some cases, possibly even dangerous. Issues of information security, freedom of information, data protection, privacy, copyright, intellectual property and the achievement of that somewhat paradoxically viewed aspiration, ‘open’ government-all these require significant levels of consideration by those planning to modernise or change the way in which public sector structures position themselves to interface within and across government and with the external client or citizen. However, as we shall also discuss, a certain amount of pragmatism and reality are much-needed ingredients in any ‘recipe’ likely to deliver successful outcomes.