chapter  27
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Joseph Alois Schumpeter (1883–1950): a centenary tribute

J. A. Schumpeter was born at Triesch in the Austrian province of Moravia (now Czechoslovakia) on 8 February 1883, the only child of the cloth manufacturer Alois Schumpeter and Johanna Schumpeter-Grüner. Joseph Schumpeter lost his father in 1887. In 1893 his mother married again to Sigismund von Keler, a military man, but this marriage ended in divorce in 1906. A consequence of this second marriage was that from 1893 onward Joseph Schumpeter lived in Vienna, and from that year till 1908 went to the Theresianum or Mittelschule, the form of education favoured by the aristocracy. He graduated with honours in 1901, having received a solid classical education of Greek and Latin supplemented by language studies at home through the highly cultured background supplied by his mother in teaching him French, English and Italian.