chapter  6
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Literature as Deviation: Syntax, Style, and the Body in Ulysses

Literature as Deviation appear elsewhere in the text, and it is evident from the less deviant instances that James Joyce is, as so often in Ulysses, pushing a traditional novelistic device beyond its normal limits. Literature as Deviation lard's genitals also proves applicable to Molly's sexual endowments, in another sliding of organic allusion: "She looked fine. Joyce's transgressions of the selectional restrictions of English syntax can be regarded as strategems that liberate the body from a dictatorial and englobing will and allow its organs their own energies and proclivities. In terms offictional time the reference is not particularly far back, but the prolixity of the style makes it an inordinately long span for a reader's memory to cross. The English language allows very little independence to the organs of the body: most verbs of conscious behavior require a grammatical subject implying an undivided, masterful, efficient self of which the organ is mere slave or satellite.