chapter  6
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Deconstructing modern theology

Opinion is sharply divided over the nature and significance of the impact of post-modernity on religion. For some observers 'the contributions currently being made by many theologians to the changing orientation of postmodern thought appear to herald the end of theology's long intellectual marginalization'. This chapter attempts to assimilate theology within a modernist framework, and suggests that post-modern critiques have got matters about right: modern theology has become inextricably bound up with a set of power-structures that serve primarily to maintain the security of modernity itself. Naturalism constitutes one of the core meta-narratives of modernity. Central to the agenda of modern theology is the age-old question of the relationship between God and humanity. By reinforcing the Enlightenment's commitment to the sovereignty of reason by replacing a revealed theology grounded in faith with a natural theology grounded in reason. The chapter focuses on the various ways in which modernity has assimilated the theological heritage of the western world.