chapter  7
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Radical a/theology

The theology of the death of God flourished on the radical fringes of the liberal tradition. The writings of Don Cupitt make plain the direct link between modern theology of the death of God and post-modern a/theology. Taking Leave of God, his classic statement of non-realistic theology, argues that belief in an objective God 'out there' is no longer credible in the modern world. Cupitt's pilgrimage towards a/theology becomes clear in Only Human, which sets out to challenge the Augustinian tradition of Christian Humanism. The primary task of the post-modern theologian is to articulate a new aesthetic theology of desire. In effect a/theology constitutes a theological meta-narrative that claims to reject all theological meta-narratives, and propounds the religious truth claim that there is no such thing as religious truth. The nature of a/theology may be clarified further by considering its affinity with certain aspects of contemporary spiritual practice. Anti-realist theology flourished, initially at least, on the margins of mainstream Christianity.