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School placement is often exciting and enjoyable, sometimes unsettling and always challenging. There is so much to do and think about that you could be working every minute of the day and still have things left to complete, so having some strategies to guide your actions is well worthwhile. The following points will act as a checklist to help you to get the best from your time in school:

Children want to like their teachers and be liked by them, but in your desire to be accepted by them, be careful not to compromise your adult status. The children do not expect or want the adults in their lives to act like big brothers and sisters. It is, however, important to learn children’s names quickly. The effort to do so gives you a considerable advantage, as when you use a child’s name it signals two things. First, children cannot hide behind their anonymity. Second, you are interested in the child as an individual and not merely as a number on a register. However, never allow a child to share an intimate secret with you. Make it clear that you cannot guarantee confidentiality but would like to help if possible, though with the help of the class teacher.