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How much is expected of you?

Most teachers and assistants are only too willing to give a trainee every help possible. However, they need to hear from you about the things that will be useful and the responsibilities that you feel you can handle. Don’t assume that a teacher knows instinctively what you need, because she does not. Remember, too, that s/he will almost certainly have worked with other trainees, some of whom will have been very different in attitude, temperament and capability from you. On talking to your friends in other placements, you may discover that their experience is different from yours in a variety of ways. Don’t dwell on these differences or imagine that you are in a worse situation than they are. Each school placement carries with it a minimum expectation for all trainees, but if you are capable of exceeding this basic requirement, all well and good. It is vital that you maintain an open dialogue with the class teacher to avoid any misunderstandings about your teaching commitments. The general rule is to be cautiously eager in responding to the teacher’s suggestions but not to bite off more than you can chew.