chapter  12
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Other applications and future directions

Throughout this book, you have learnt how to create different types of LSP corpora and how to use these resources to help with tasks such as glossary building, translation and writing. The aim of this final chapter is to briefly outline some additional ways in which LSP learners can use corpora and to consider how corpus analysis tools for LSP users are evolving. As you continue to work with corpora, we are sure that you will come up with innovative ways of using them to meet your own LSP needs but, in the meantime, some of the applications described here might provide you with inspiration. We begin by describing LSP learner corpora and then move on to discuss ways in which corpora can be used to study neologisms, which are new words in a language, as well as metaphor, which is a common feature of many LSPs. Finally, we consider some ways in which corpus analysis tools are being refined to meet the specific needs of LSP learners.