chapter  4
Appropriate Rural Technology Institute: Clean energy access in India
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The Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI) is an internationally acclaimed research and development institution working in the fi eld of rural development through innovative appropriate technologies. ARTI aims to develop, standardize, popularize, and commercialize these innovative rural technologies to improve the quality of life and standard of living in rural communities throughout India, and other developing communities in Asia and Africa. By introducing novel technologies that improve the life of rural people-such as fuel-effi cient cookstoves and biogas systems-ARTI helps traditional rural business be more profi table and generate new business and employment opportunities in the rural sector (Appropriate Rural Technology Institute 2012a). Currently ARTI has about 35 members, all of whom have lived and worked in rural areas. It is a primary value of the institute that they work closely with the people for whom they develop solutions, testing their innovations in the fi eld in partnership with rural people.