chapter  1
Evolutionary dramas
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The evolution of society fits the Darwinian paradigm in its most individualistic form. The economy of nature is competitive from beginning to end. Understand that economy, and how it works, and the underlying reasons for social phenomena are manifest. Some of the symbolic webs are ones which they approve of, and promote as part of the ideal of science itself. For instance, Jacques Monod, as an atheistical biochemist, does not just rejoice at getting rid of the theistic drama. The drama that goes with a good theory is simply the expressive aspect of the theory itself. A sanitary cordon is erected at the frontier between the physical and social sciences, at which biological explanations generally and evolutionary ones in particular still tend to be turned back, marked with an official stamp which may read 'Fascist', 'Racist', 'Galtonist', 'Innatist', 'Biological Determinist', or at times, most grimly of all, merely 'Biological'.