chapter  7
Scientist and superscientist
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The scientists can find fulfilment in framing the superman, for they mean to be inside the laboratory designing him, not only to their own specifications but in their own image. For them, self-worship is provided. There is a much more natural, unofficial usage according to which science is simply what scientists do as part of their professional business. The interests of science as such have often been represented as calling for technological developments which could only be properly justified by social demands. Life is at times personified as the agent, and appears unmis- takeably for H. J. Muller as a specially abrasive kind of interventive scientist - shaking, shaping and grinding. Social wholes in fact are almost always more than the sum of their parts, and can sometimes develop very remarkable independent characters and forces. They can add startling elements to the lives of those who compose them, and become very hard to control.