chapter  8
The sport psychologist and eclectic athlete counselling
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In Chapter 5 the use of the reversal theory eclectic approach to athlete counselling was compared to a computer program manager system which increases the effectiveness of the person using the computer. In the same way, applying reversal theory to athlete counselling increases the effectiveness of the counsellor by, for example, providing a theoretical structure on which to base the choice of technique and implementation of an intervention. In relation to reversal theory’s eclectic approach, it is worth noting that:

It is often the case that the word ‘eclecticism’ is a euphemism for ‘unsystematic’ and ‘uncritical’ and that in therapy it represents a kind of ‘anything goes’ philosophy. It should, however, be evident that the structure provided by the reversal theory analysis which has been presented here is far from unsystematic and uncritical and is certainly not compatible with any old mish-mash of therapeutic techniques.