chapter  9
A queer analysis of Eileen Gray’s E.1027
Pages 19

Mediterranean Sea you find E.1027, architect Eileen Gray’s house of dense

liveliness (Figure 9.1). It is a project that defies simple divisions and proposes

another way of living. It is a luxurious project, designed into detail, but built

with the ambition to find ideas to be multiplied. Eileen Gray sought “to create

an interior atmosphere in harmony with the refinements of the intimate

modern life, all by using the resources and the possibilities of current tech-

nique.”1 E.1027 is a house filled with secrets, pockets in walls, sliding

passages, and tempting clefts. Gray’s architecture hides and reveals simulta-

neously. It is out in the open but still closeted. It tells the story of the visually

exposed that remains overlooked if you are not familiar with the codes.