How the war ended
Treaty of Paris and the Indian uprising
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The capture of Montreal more or less brought the war in North America to an end, but the larger conflict, the Seven Years’ War, dragged on outside North America for another two years. Prussia, in alliance with Great Britain, continued a defensive war against Russia and Austria, and war with France continued on the continent as well. The British also provided ongoing funding and men to His Britannic Majesty’s Army campaign against the French in Hanover. France and Great Britain also continued to wage war in the colonies of the Caribbean and India. Spain entered the conflict on France’s side in 1761. The British had become very proficient in amphibious operations by 1760, and the Royal Navy was dominant on the seas. Campaigns against the Spanish and French colonies in the Caribbean, India, and the Philippines were all great successes for Britain. The war finally came to an end more as a product of exhaustion on the part of all parties involved than any definitive victory. For more detail, see Essential Histories The Seven Years’ War.