chapter  II
The Hmong Health System: A Literature Review
Pages 30

AMONG WORKS AVAILABLE WHICH TREAT HMONG HEALTH RELATED beliefs and healing traditions, the works of the French anthropologist Jacques Lemoine,1 Hmong American health administrator Bruce Thowpaou Bliatout,2 English anthropologist Robert Cooper,3 Thai anthropologist Nusit Chindarsi,4 American freelance writer Ann Fadiman,5

Thai-Australian Senior Lecturer Pranee L.Rice,6 and Hmong AmericanM. D.Xoua Thao7 are the best, most original, and most thorough treatments. Other scholars touch on these considerations, but either provide only a few sentences, paragraphs, or pages; or simply cite the above works. Of such scholars, noteworthy are Adler,8 Ensign,9 Long,10 O’Connor,11 Quincy,12

Her,13 Henry,14 Spring,15 Waters et al.,16 Nuttall and Flores,17 Barrett et al.,18 Warner and Mochel,19 Westermeyer,20 and Yang.21